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Bible study (West Wickham. England.)


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Close your eyes for a moment

This is what God has elected, or chosen, the human race for. And what a glorious portion!

Close your eyes for a moment, if you can, to the scenes of misery and woe, degradation and sorrow, that yet prevail on account of sin, and picture before your mental vision the glory of the perfect earth.

Not a stain of sin mars the harmony and peace of a perfect society; not a bitter thought, not an unkind look or word, but love welling up from every heart to meet a kindred response in every other heart; benevolence marking every act.

Then there shall be no more sickness, not an ache, nor a pain, nor any evidence of decay--not even a fear of any such thing.

Think of all the pictures of comparative health and beauty, of human form and feature, that you have ever seen, and know that perfect men and women will be of still surpassing loveliness.

The inward purity and mental and moral perfection will stamp and glorify every radiant countenance.

Such will earth's society be; and weeping, bereaved ones will have their tears all wiped away when thus they realize the resurrection work complete.

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The above is quoted from "The Divine Plan of the Ages", which is the first volume of "Studies in the Scriptures", a series highly commended by Bible students the world over.

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