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All glorious within


The Virtuous Woman
far above rubies
the sharing of trust
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the sharing of trust


The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
Proverbs 31:11

Beth. = a house, tent, tabernacle. The woman is the home of the man, the place of his rest in whom he lives. There are no possessions, no material things, that can replace a woman's love. "and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment" ..filled with her love. (John12:3) It is a place of mutual trust.

HER HUSBAND'S BELIEF IN HER Ruth 3:14, "And she lay at his feet until the morning:" She was at rest , and so was he. It was the highest place she knew, to lie at his feet. And at that trysting place of love he made to her his vow, and she to him.

That I believe in Him has changed my life, but that He believes in me! - That He has such confidence in His ability to finish, to perfect that state of trust of which He is the Author, - to anticipate even now that finished work of grace, - to share with me that mutual confidence which is the basis, the foundation, walls, and topmost stone of love's eternal abode.

Who shall love most? Not the one who felt most worthy, but the one with most forgiven. It is grace that enriches the heart and furnishes it right through as we treasure the love messages of the Word, follow its instructions, its revealing of His mind, the things that please our Lord, accept its corrections (His hand upon the tiller,) and value its reproof.(2Timothy 3:16,17.) His is such love that can tell us when we are wrong, and help us cleanse away the spots in character that would impede that perfect union, and smooth away the wrinkles where our flesh so poorly fits the new mind within. He sees our responses, recognises there the motivation of our heart, and cherishes the strength of its desires towards Himself.

SHE WILL NOT MISUSE THAT MUTUAL TRUST. "He will have no need of spoil." This means that she becomes totally reliable in her management of all His affairs. The two think as one. She, above all, values His provision, appreciates with gratitude His gifts. Everything He trusts to her she gladly takes and uses to His praise. No task or service is too great. No ? of small things' is despised. No opportunity she wastes, nor time. Nor will she pass by privilege of service to her Lord, some work He needs of her, that He must turn to others to fulfill. The pouring out of love so many ways, may seem to some ?at waste'. But one thing only satisfies her mind, that He Who understands love's language best ... believes in her. How precious to her ears is His defence... "Let her alone, on Me has she wrought a good work.."