Bible study 2000

Greetings to all watchers of the morning

The subjects below are partly devotional and related to the present truths available at this end of the age.

A complete On-Line Bible Program is available for free download from the "Herald/OLB site".
First download the basic program as instructed. Then add whichever additional programs you wish.
There are hundreds to choose from, and the list is extended frequently.

When on the 'Herald/olb' program click "Programs and Utilities" down the left column.
Then click "Online Bible (The Word Edition) Starters Pack."
When downloaded, make a new folder called "OLB". Then just click the file (install_exe) to create a new Bible program.
All further additions you choose to download will be added to this "OLB" program when the downloaded file is clicked.
Add as many as you wish and whenever desired.

CLICK HERE and enjoy!

For samples of "Studies in the Scriptures", including "The Divine Plan of the Ages", "The Time is at Hand", and "Thy Kingdom Come", click next item.

Studies in the Scriptures

"Light for the Last Days"

Patterns for the last days

The Conquest of Death

The Mystery of God

The Preceding Incense

The Ascents of Moses

a Woman's love

David and the Charter for Mankind (and other articles)

Morning Joy

The virtuous woman [Proverbs 31]

The Times of Harvest

Retrospective wisdom

Purim, and the lot for the Jew

"Brethren, the time is short.."

Throughout the earth the Lord's watchmen are alert to the signs of these last days and to the Lord's requirements of his overcomers.

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